EUPLA Racing Team – ERT16

EUPLA Racing Team – ERT16


Datinza has collaborated with La Almunia Polytechnic University School in developing a project that represents the company’s main values: technological innovation focusing on environmental sustainability.

These values are reflected on the ERT16, the 100% electric motorbike used for competitions. This motorbike has similar characteristics to a FIM Moto3 and it has been created along with the EUPLA Racing Team’s academic team.

This motorbike possesses the latest technologies applied to electric mobility such as:

  • A brushless 34KW and 80Nm electric engine that allows the vehicle to reach over 180Km/h.

  • A 5.5Wh lithium-polymer battery that includes a BMS (Battery Management System) with a high roll capacity.

  • A security system made up of several control modules that protect both the system and the pilot.

  • Wireless re-parameterisation of the power unit.

  • Aeronautical aluminium twin-spar frame.

  • Direct drive.

  • 3D created fairing.

This is an on-going and actively evolving project. The team is working on presenting a second version in 2018 that will improve all these features and present new technological developments.

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