Commitment to the protection of the environment

At Datinza we are committed to the preservation of the environment and therefore offer services that help sustainability. Our managing systems treat electronic documents that don’t require paper, in addition to largely reducing its use in traditional processes by recycling scanned paper.

At Datinza we automatize administrative tasks thus minimizing paper usage through the creation, management and storage of electronic documents. Among all the on-going processes, the highlights are our virtual administration; registration platforms and issue monitoring; user service centre and data analysis and exploitation tools.

On the other hand, digitalizing information on paper and transforming it into electronic documents allows recycling and re-usage of paper as well as widely reducing cutting down trees and the water and energy invested in its production. This is shown in the following facts:

  • Every person uses an average of 130kg of paper a year. 100kg of this quantity is writing paper, packaging and cardboard.

  • 1kg is approximately 200 DIN-A4 paper sheets

  • Fabricating 1 tonne of paper uses up 17 trees and 100,000 litres of water.

  • For every 59kg of paper a 20 to 30 year-old tree is cut down.

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